The Opening Act: Danger Danger and Slaughter

Three of the four Kousins saw KISS on their Hot in the Shade tour. Each of those got two openers. Band “X” and Slaughter.

For Kousin Tim, it was his first concert. July 27, 1990. And, yes, he was almost 20 before he got to see his first concert. The openers for KT were Danger Danger and Slaughter.

The Kousins did an average of each band’s setlists on their legs of the HITS tour. With that, they did a semi-listening party.

Were the songs or bands as good as they may have remembered? You’ll have to tune in for that.

Each Kousin gave their “Now Listening” and let’s go ahead and say it, Kousin Gary’s is weird.

What do you think of Danger Danger and Slaughter?

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