The Kousins “Best of Solo Albums” (1978)

Best of Solos (the Kousins Version) ©Casablanca

The Kousins talk about the KISS 1978 Solo Albums.

Kousin Tim gave the assignment of coming up with a “Best of” of 15-20 songs and each 1978 solo album MUST be represented with at least two songs.

The listeners chimed in, as well.

How close or distant were the Kousins on their lists and how did they compare to the listeners?

What is your “best of the solo albums” (with at least two songs each)?

Let us know by calling the TLDNetwork (KUZZ Army) hotline and leave a message for the Kousins at 336-422-NUMB (6862).

This podcast was recorded in The Less Desirables Studio South and recorded via Zoom, sponsored by Bull’s Tavern in WSNC.


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