The Bon Jovi List

There’s a relatively new docuseries on Hulu about Bon Jovi, specifically Jon Bon Jovi. It covers his career, the band’s career, the ups and downs, the losses and gains, and his voice problem (among other things). We had talked (off-air) about how bad he had been sounding and that docuseries Thank You, Goodnight, The Bon Jovi Story filled in many holes. The Kousins all had various levels of fandom, with one member, particularly into them, and it may be the one you’d expect the least. The Kousins sent in their Top 10 Bon Jovi songs. They were put through a tally, and the top 15ish showed up. An at-large tiebreaker was called for, and our closest chosen family – our listeners – was that tiebreaker.

With help from Eugene B Sims, Jem From Alabama, Jim From Irwin, Nick Provenzano from San Francisco, Ray’s Steve, and Bruno from Sunny South Africa, all chipped in and broke yon ties (to some extent). Some were more excited than others, we’ll say. The Top Ten (or Twelve) were then presented.

The four Kousins gave their “Now Listenings.”

Calls from Eugene B Sims, Jem From Alabama, Bruno From Sunny South Africa, and Jim From Irwin.

What are your favorite Bon Jovi songs? Did you watch the docuseries?

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