The 37th Anniversary of Headbangers Ball

Another topic was coming up for this episode until Kousin Tim talked about this event on Camel City Radio, and Kousin Marvin brought it up to the Kousin Kollective. Today (as of the recording) is April 18, 2024. On April 18, 1987, the very first episode of MTV’s breakthrough program, Headbangers Ball, made its debut. The show was without a dedicated host; instead, it used established hard rock and “metal” artists as guest VJs. For that first episode, it was Lemmy and Philthy Animal from Motörhead. The Kousins ran down the tracklisting for that night with just a couple of detours (either because the songs were hard to find or fighting with licensing).

All four Kousins gave their “Now Listenings.”

Calls from Jem From Alabama, Bruno From Sunny South Africa, and Eugene B Sims of Wheeler’s Dog Podcast.

What were your fondest Headbangers Ball moments?

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This podcast was recorded in the Omniverus Studios at Liberty Plaza and recorded via Zoom, sponsored by Top Leaf Cigar Lounge.

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