Vinnie Vincent Invasion

The Kousins talk about the first of the KISS Family Tree albums we’ll get to, the Vinnie Vincent Invasion. We talk about “Invasion” and “All Systems Go.” It seems to be a favorite of at least one listener but how does it stand up to the rest of the KUZZ Army? All Systems Go? Or

Top 10 Album Covers

The Kousins talk about each of their Top 10 Album Covers. The challenge was laid down by Roadie Ray. The three Kousins tell their top 10 favorite KISS album covers. They had some honorable mentions and some “worst” covers. What are your favorite KISS album covers? Let us know by calling the TLDNetwork (KUZZ Army)

The Fantasy Setlist

The Kousins talk about each of their Fantasy KISS Setlists. The challenge was laid down by Eugene B. Sims from the Wheeler’s Dog Podcast. Roadie Ray joins the Kousins as they all give their lists. Listeners send in their lists as well. What is your fantasy setlist from KISS? 20 songs plus a 3-song encore

Splashes, Trashes & S#!+$

The Kousins talk about each of their WORST 10 KISS songs. Roadie Ray gives his bottom 10, as well. Surprisingly- or not – the lists only had a few overlaps and only one “goocher” (to quote Vern Tessio). What are your bottom 10 KISS songs? Let us know by calling the TLDNetwork (KUZZ Army) hotline


The Kousins talk about the thirteenth KISS album and the one that gave us our name, “Asylum.” A much-maligned and oft dismissed album due to its glammy and glitzy album cover, colorful videos, and the fact that it was from 1985, the album is better than it’s usually given credit for. One of the Kousins

KISS (1974)

The Kousins talk about the one that started it all. The self-titled debut, “KISS.” Eight of its seven songs were represented on “Alive!” Several are still concert staples. So much passion. So much hunger. The album kicks ass and doesn’t even bother to take names. Is it a “Strutter?” A “Black Diamond” in the rough?

Alive! The Millennium Concert

The Kousins talk about the “original Alive IV,” “Alive! The Millennium Concert” from Vancouver in 1999. Is it worth listening to? Is it worth your time? Was it necessary? We’re not giving anything away. You may just be surprised. Call the KUZZ Army Hotline (TLDNetwork) and leave a message for the Kousins at 336-422-NUMB (6862).

Symphony – Alive IV

The Kousins talk about the symphonic KISS live album, “Symphony- Alive IV.” It is the curtain call for Peter in the band, even though it was his third pass-through. At times it is bombastic, subtle, cool. There are a few tunes that we hadn’t gotten live, either in a while or ever. The Melbourne Symphony


The Kousins talk about the very first KISS live album, “Alive!” This could arguably be called KISS’ most important album. Without the success of “Rock and Roll All Nite” and this album in general, Casablanca Records and most likely the band would have ceased to exist. It’s powerful. It’s bombastic. It’s worth a “Deuce” because

Creatures Of The Night

The Kousins talk about the KISS’s tenth studio album, “Creatures of the Night.” Holding the distinction of perhaps the best cover ever on a KISS album, this album set out to right the wrongs of the prior three albums. It was heavy and hard, but there were secrets. With this album was it “I Love