Kousins Gladiator Showdown – Rock and Roll Over Vs. Alice Cooper Goes to Hell

The Kousins, and even Roadie Ray, are trying something new. An idea that Eugene B. Sims brought up from Wheeler’s Dog Podcast, the Kousins tweaked and modified it. Instead of the KISS Album Gladiator Battle, the Kousins picked a KISS album, and using a randomizer, one Kousin gets to pick if they want to defend Kousins Gladiator Showdown – Rock and Roll Over Vs. Alice Cooper Goes to Hell

Psycho Circus Redux

Roadie Ray is out again with a business thing. But the Kousins would have loved to have heard his thoughts on this week’s album… Psycho Circus. It was reviewed by the Kousins in December 2020. How have their thoughts changed? Have they changed at all? It’s “Listening Party” style from the “return of the Original KISS.” That’s Psycho Circus Redux

Animalize Redux

Roadie Ray is on assignment this week, but the Kousins revisit the 1984 album Animalize, which celebrates its 39th anniversary this week. They listen to it “Listening Party” style with commentary and insight. Kousins Tim & Gary gave their “now listenings,” and while Jem from Alabama didn’t call, we got a call from long-time listener Animalize Redux

Top 10 “Lust” Songs

Kousin Marvin is out this episode, it was the annual washing of the backside for him. Yeah, it only happens once a year. But, as a companion to the Top 10 Love Songs two episodes ago, we decided to get more naughty and focus on the “lust” songs. Both Jim From Alabama and Steve from Top 10 “Lust” Songs

Top 10 “Love” Songs

A lot of hard rock music, and especially KISS, featured the “s**k me, f**k me” mindset when it comes to lyrical content. But, when challenged, the Kousins found out their favorite band could actually write love songs. Not songs about hooking up, but songs about love. Yeah, we said it. Jim From Alabama and Nick Top 10 “Love” Songs