Devereaux Diaries

A Box Set Fantasy

Roadie Ray was out getting his Golden Spoons Award, so he had to miss this week. Kousins Tim, Gary, and Marvin missed him. But, they carried on, somehow. The Creatures of the Night Box Set is coming out this week. The Kousins decided to talk about what kind of box set they’d each like to A Box Set Fantasy

100th Episode!

ONE HUNDRED EPISODES!!! Two years in, Kousins Tim, Gary, Marvin, and Roadie Ray celebrate 100 KISStastic episodes with our now listening, how the podcast started, when Ray came along, and where the next 100 will take us. We have an Apple review, too! How long have you been listening to us? Let us know by 100th Episode!

The Three Most Important

In an article on Rock and Roll Garage, there was a breakdown of what three KISS albums Gene said were the “most important KISS albums.” You can read the article by clicking the link. Did the Kousins agree with Gene? Well, each Kousin gave their own “three most important.” If we do say so ourselves, The Three Most Important