About Us

Welcome to Asylum: Tales from the Devereaux Diaries.

We are “Kousins.” We truly are related as cousins but also as three KISS fans. We realized that we had been having long-typed conversations about our favorite band (and other bands in the rock/hard rock genres).

And since one of us (Tim) is a veteran Podcaster, why not do a podcast about three cousins debating the merits and flaws of “the hottest band in the world?”

Where does the name come from? Well, the Asylum part should be easy since it is the name of KISS’ 13th studio album.

The “Devereaux Diaries” part may be a little more obscure for non-KISS fans. Listen to our first podcast episode (dropping on Thursday, July 9) to hear the story and significance. In the meantime, try to guess its origin.

From Tim, Gary and Marvin, rock and roll!!