Rock and Roll Over

The Kousins talk about the 1976 Klassic album, Rock and Roll Over. They talk about their favorite and least favorite songs. They put Tim through the wringer on Mr. Speed’s Trivia.

It’s not only KISS, either. They talk about other hard rock bands and Sturgill Simpson.

What do you think of Rock and Roll Over? Do you agree or disagree with the boys’ assessment of the album?

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Here are Gary’s Limericks for this week’s episode:

Hard Luck Woman – It was always her plan. To share these feelings with her man. But this sailor’s daughter’s heart she did hide. So, Brandy, I’m packing my bags, bye-bye. You’ll be a Hard Luck Woman Baby till you find your man.

See You in Your Dreams – Mr. Sandman, bring me a light. It’s awfully dark on this rock and roll nite. I just can’t get you out of my mind. There’s only one place I know I can find. I’ll see you, feel you in your dreams tonight, dreams tonight.

Calling Dr. Love – There’s sin for all. No need to push or shove. Safety first, so be sure to bring a glove. Oh so bad, my love you need. The billing department has waived the fees. My name is the Demon but you can call me Dr. Love.

Mr. Speed – Taking chances with new romances is really all you need. Stop those tears ‘cause you’ve got the kind of hunger I can feed. You’ve tried teasing and pleasing. But there’s only one reason I’m so fast, that’s why the ladies call me Mr. Speed

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