Preliminary Ranking


Rank Kousin Tim Kousin Gary Kousin Marvin
1 Music From The Elder Destroyer Kiss
2 Love Gun Carnival of Souls Music From The Elder
3 Kiss Revenge Hotter Than Hell
4 Hotter Than Hell Love Gun Destroyer
5 Rock & Roll Over Creatures of the Night Alive II
6 Alive II Alive II Rock & Roll Over
7 Alive! Alive! Animalize
8 Unmasked Double Platinum Unmasked
9 Gene Simmons Smashes, Thrashes, and Hits Revenge
10 Paul Stanley Kiss Dynasty
11 Creatures of the Night Asylum Creatures of the Night
12 Dynasty Rock & Roll Over Crazy Nights
13 Lick It Up Hotter Than Hell Love Gun
14 Destroyer Lick It Up Alive!
15 Crazy Nights Ace Frehley Paul Stanley
16 Revenge Paul Stanley Ace Frehley
17 Asylum Hot In The Shade Lick It Up
18 Animalize Dressed To Kill MTV Unplugged
19 Double Platinum Music From The Elder Carnival of Souls
20 Peter Criss MTV Unplugged Gene Simmons
21 Smashes, Thrashes, and Hits Dynasty Alive III
22 Ace Frehley Alive III Smashes, Thrashes, and Hits
23 Psycho Circus Crazy Nights Hot In The Shade
24 Carnival of Souls Monster Asylum
25 Alive III Animalize Dressed To Kill
26 MTV Unplugged Gene Simmons Psycho Circus
27 Killers Unmasked Killers
28 Symphony: Alive IV Peter Criss Peter Criss
29 Dressed to Kill Psycho Circus Double Platinum
30 Hot in the Shade Sonic Boom Sonic Boom
31 Monster Killers Monster
32 Sonic Boom Symphony: Alive IV Symphony: Alive IV


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