Wicked Lester

The Kousins and Roadie Ray talk about KISS before they were ever KISS. It’s Wicked Lester time and it gets the “Listening Party” treatment. Wicked Lester is not everyone’s cup of tea and it had to grow on Ray but the Kousins seemed to dig it. There are some interesting songs on this album, for Wicked Lester

Dressed to Kill (Redux)

The Kousins and Road Manager Ray talk about KISS’ third studio album, the one that possibly set the band up to continue as it was the tour that led to Alive! which is the one that gave the world Rock and Roll All Nite. The album gets the “Listening Party” treatment. Kousin Tim has never Dressed to Kill (Redux)

Destroyer (Redux)

The Kousins surprise Road Manager Ray and ask him to be a permanent co-host on the show. Then there’s the Destroyer album given the “Listening Party” treatment. We go through the album and give our opinions, facts, and figures on it. All the Kousins and RMR talk about their “now listening” tunes and why. Where Destroyer (Redux)

Alive II (Redux)

The Kousins (well two of the three – Kousin Marvin is absent) welcome listener Nick Provenzano on to talk about KISS’ second “live” album, Alive II. We give it the “Listening Party” treatment that it didn’t get the first time we listened through. We go through the album (all 20 songs) and give our opinions, Alive II (Redux)