Top 5 Iron Maiden Songs

Not technically the opening week of the month (okay, not at all…) we decided to do an “opener” topic. Iron Maiden opened for KISS on the Unmasked tour in 1980 which was odd because that was KISS’s poppiest album and IM was like a hard rock punk band. A strange pairing indeed. So each Kousin Top 5 Iron Maiden Songs

Top KISS Riffs

For the first time in our podcast’s history, we were a duo. Kousin Marvin had a family issue and Roadie Ray had a work thing. So, Kousins Tim and Gary went on with the show. Barstools and caffeine drinks and all. That part isn’t true. But, the conversation was the top riffs from KISS. Specifically, Top KISS Riffs

KISS Album Gladiator Showdown – KISS (self-titled) vs. Rock and Roll Over

The Kousins have done album showdowns before. But, in some instances, that just doesn’t seem fair to some of the songs on the two albums. Kousin Gary and Roadie Ray battle with two albums chosen by our Twitter fans. The self-titled debut and Rock and Roll Over. KG took the s/t and RR held down KISS Album Gladiator Showdown – KISS (self-titled) vs. Rock and Roll Over

Live to Win

The Kousins continue the celebration of Paul Stanley’s birthday from last week and do a “listening party” of the 2006 release Live to Win. All the Kousins could pretty much agree they didn’t really want to listen to the album, but some turned out to more than just like it. You’ll have to guess which Live to Win

Happy Birthday Starchild

The Kousins wish the Starchild, Paul Stanley a happy 71st birthday on January 20. They each compiled 5-10 songs that they’d rank among their favorites of Paul’s lead vocal moments. Some Now Listenings but no mailbag this week. What would be your top 5-10 Paul vocals? Let us know by calling the TLDNetwork (KUZZ Army) Happy Birthday Starchild