Grading the KISS Albums Part 1

The Kousins took a different approach to the albums tonight. In the past, we have ranked them, given them listening parties, “reduxed” the hell out of them, “gladiatored” them, and just about everything else you can think of. But we’ve never graded them. Part one included 14 albums picked by a randomizer. We won’t tell you which ones because, well, we want you to listen to find out. It is a fun exercise, and next week we’ll do Part 2.

All four Kousins gave their “Now Listenings” including two video reactions from Kousin Gary. If you want to see what he was talking about you can see the videos here:


We got a call from Jem From Alabama who made up a new song!

How would you rate the albums we covered?

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This podcast was recorded in the Omniverus Studios at Liberty Plaza and recorded via Zoom, sponsored by Top Leaf Cigar Lounge.

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