Grading the KISS Albums Part 1

The Kousins took a different approach to the albums tonight. In the past, we have ranked them, given them listening parties, “reduxed” the hell out of them, “gladiatored” them, and just about everything else you can think of. But we’ve never graded them. Part one included 14 albums picked by a randomizer. We won’t tell Grading the KISS Albums Part 1

Gary’s Best of Kiss’ Solo

Gary’s Best of Kiss’ Solo Albums Hopefully, by now we’ve convinced you that the solo albums weren’t just a money grab or just a way to keep the band together a little longer. There’s actually some good stuff on here. Want to save yourself some time finding those Black Diamonds in the rough? Look no Gary’s Best of Kiss’ Solo

Blackwell’s Mix

Blackwell’s Mix Welcome to the first of what I hope to be many installments of Blackwell’s Mix. Each week on he show were going to share some songs or artists that we’re listening to. Then we’ll post a playlist to make it easy for you to listen along with us. This week I’ve got a Blackwell’s Mix