Devereaux Diary

Dressed to Kill (Redux)

The Kousins and Road Manager Ray talk about KISS’ third studio album, the one that possibly set the band up to continue as it was the tour that led to Alive! which is the one that gave the world Rock and Roll All Nite. The album gets the “Listening Party” treatment. Kousin Tim has never Dressed to Kill (Redux)

Destroyer (Redux)

The Kousins surprise Road Manager Ray and ask him to be a permanent co-host on the show. Then there’s the Destroyer album given the “Listening Party” treatment. We go through the album and give our opinions, facts, and figures on it. All the Kousins and RMR talk about their “now listening” tunes and why. Where Destroyer (Redux)

Alive II (Redux)

The Kousins (well two of the three – Kousin Marvin is absent) welcome listener Nick Provenzano on to talk about KISS’ second “live” album, Alive II. We give it the “Listening Party” treatment that it didn’t get the first time we listened through. We go through the album (all 20 songs) and give our opinions, Alive II (Redux)

Creatures Fest

The Kousins and Road Manager Ray welcome the first non-“family” (blood or otherwise) guest to the show. Jay Jadofsky, one of the organizers for Creatures Fest, joins to discuss the event. What is Creatures Fest? It is the only KISS-themed event outside KISS Kruise that will happen this year, with the “holy trinity” of KISS Creatures Fest

Asylum (Redux)

The Kousins listen to the album that is the namesake of the podcast, 1985’s Klassic, “Asylum.” Of course, it features the Kousins’ favorite KISS lineup (collectively) with Bruce Kulick and Eric Carr, has what Kousin Tim calls two of KISS’ best songs, makeup era or non-makeup era, and we dive a little deeper checking out Asylum (Redux)

Hot in the Shade (Redux)

The Kousins are joined by Road Manager Ray (catchy new name, there) and revisit the 1989 Klassic(?) “Hot in the Shade” in the “listening party format.” Kousin Tim ranked it pretty low on his list, Kousin Marvin and Kousin Gary rank it respectably and Road Manager Ray really liked it. How did their feelings change Hot in the Shade (Redux)

The Should-Have-Beens

The Kousins listen to their own curated compilation of songs they think should have been released as singles but were not. Some would have been cool to have been singles but some are just plain shameful that they weren’t. The rule is the song couldn’t have been released as a single, but B-Sides are okay. The Should-Have-Beens

Bruce Kulick KISS Kruise X

Who loves some deep cuts from the non-make era? With Vegas Mobb band members Todd Kerns, Zach Throne, & Brent Fitz, Bruce Kulick is carrying that flag higher than anyone. Tonight’s listening party is a look back at some of the highlights from Kiss Kruise X. Roadie Ray sits in as an “honorary Kousin” for Bruce Kulick KISS Kruise X

Crazy Nights (Redux)

Anniversaries abound this week. Kousins Marvin and Gary take us for a walk down memory lane. They reminisce about their first concert from January 18, 1988; Kiss on the Crazy Nights tour in Huntington, WV. To relive the experience we listen to 1987’s Crazy Nights. Is Crazy Nights on your fave list or do you just Crazy Nights (Redux)