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Rock and Roll Over

The Kousins talk about the 1976 Klassic album, Rock and Roll Over. They talk about their favorite and least favorite songs. They put Tim through the wringer on Mr. Speed’s Trivia. It’s not only KISS, either. They talk about other hard rock bands and Sturgill Simpson. What do you think of Rock and Roll Over? Do you

The Solo Albums

The Kousins delve into the four solo albums from 1978. Which was the favorite, which was the least favorite? There are big differences in opinions. We jump into the guest players, the producers, the songs, the songwriting, the feels. Hopefully, it makes you want to Hold Me, Touch Me (and yes, Think of Me When

Inaugural Podcast – Crazy Nights

On our inaugural podcast, the gang discusses the 1987 release Crazy Nights. Everything from synths to solos, we had some similar feelings as well as differing opinions on the release. Marvin and Gary reminisced on their first concert-going experience on this tour, as well as their own rock star moments basking in Hardee’s Hot Ham