Month: May 2024

Lzzy Hale with Skid Row/Sebastian Bach’s “Child Within the Man”

As is the case every time Skid Row announces someone fronting the band, Sebastian Bach starts stomping, b*tching, pissing, and moaning about them not asking him to come back. Perhaps that is why, Bas? Perhaps that is why. Anyway, Skid Row’s lead singer, Erik Grönwall, had to back out of the band to complete his Lzzy Hale with Skid Row/Sebastian Bach’s “Child Within the Man”

The Bon Jovi List

There’s a relatively new docuseries on Hulu about Bon Jovi, specifically Jon Bon Jovi. It covers his career, the band’s career, the ups and downs, the losses and gains, and his voice problem (among other things). We had talked (off-air) about how bad he had been sounding and that docuseries Thank You, Goodnight, The Bon The Bon Jovi List

One-Hit Wonders

The whole gang is back this week. When you think of one-hit wonders, which artists do you think of? What makes the songs you think of a “hit?” Where does the “one-hit” part of “one-hit wonder” come from? The Kousins discuss those very questions. Okay, let’s face it, Kousin Tim tries to school people because One-Hit Wonders