Month: April 2024

The Warrant List

The Kousins run through the Top 10 (or 13, actually) Warrant songs as compiled by each Kousin making their own Top 10 list. This means that Kousin Tim has his top 10 Warrant songs list. Kousin Marvin does, and so do Kousin Gary and Kousin Ray. Then each position is given a score based on The Warrant List

Grading the 1983 Hard Rock Albums

Back in November, before the big switch from a KISS-focused podcast to a hard rock-focused podcast, the Kousins rated all the KISS albums like marks in school. The four Kousins graded from A+ through F-. You can hear those episodes here and here. Fast-forward to February, when the Kousins did a retrospective of music from Grading the 1983 Hard Rock Albums