Month: October 2023

KISS Producers – The Early Years

The whole gang is back together for a “family reunion.” This week, the Kousins talk about the producers of our favorite band’s albums. Because of time restraints, the Kousins got through the 1970s and into the 1980s. The conversation will pick back up next week. But, for this week, discussed was Kenny Kerner & Richie KISS Producers – The Early Years

One Live KISS

Kousin Marvin is out returning videotapes this week. The remaining Kousins gave a listen, along with a critique, of Paul’s 2008 live album, One Live KISS, recorded at the House of Blues in Chicago. There was a mixture of songs from KISS, Paul’s 1978 solo album, and the Live to Win (2006) album. The backing band was the One Live KISS