Month: May 2023

Second Sighting

In May 1988, Ace’s Frehley’s Comet released their second and final album (under that name), Second Sighting. That’s it. That’s all we can say without giving it away, and we really want you to listen to our podcast. Roadie Ray was on assignment this week. Calls from “Jim from Alabama” and Nick Provenzano! The Kousins gave Second Sighting

Alive III Anniversary

The day of our recording, May 18, 2023, is the 30th anniversary of KISS’ Alive III (1993). The Kousins (including Marvin once he showed up) discuss the album, things that were going on at the time in the band, the musicianship, the setlist, and more. Jim from Alabama called in, which is ALWAYS a highlight. All four Alive III Anniversary

The Filthy Fifteen

In 1985, the “Satanic Panic” and other over-the-top, ridiculous, and unhelpful movements were in heavy force. One of the worst ideas that anyone could do was create a “Senator’s Wives” committee to police the music industry to keep sex, drugs, violence, and Satan out of other people’s kids’ lives. That’s when the Parents Music Resource The Filthy Fifteen