Month: March 2023

Dressed to Fill

Roadie Ray had to put out some fires in his day job, so the Kousins had to go on without him this week. This week is the anniversary of 1975’s Dressed To Kill. Three of the four Kousins think that album is mostly “filler,” or songs put in to fill in the cracks and extend the Dressed to Fill

Top 5 Iron Maiden Songs

Not technically the opening week of the month (okay, not at all…) we decided to do an “opener” topic. Iron Maiden opened for KISS on the Unmasked tour in 1980 which was odd because that was KISS’s poppiest album and IM was like a hard rock punk band. A strange pairing indeed. So each Kousin Top 5 Iron Maiden Songs

Top KISS Riffs

For the first time in our podcast’s history, we were a duo. Kousin Marvin had a family issue and Roadie Ray had a work thing. So, Kousins Tim and Gary went on with the show. Barstools and caffeine drinks and all. That part isn’t true. But, the conversation was the top riffs from KISS. Specifically, Top KISS Riffs