Month: January 2022

Bruce Kulick KISS Kruise X

Who loves some deep cuts from the non-make era? With Vegas Mobb band members Todd Kerns, Zach Throne, & Brent Fitz, Bruce Kulick is carrying that flag higher than anyone. Tonight’s listening party is a look back at some of the highlights from Kiss Kruise X. Roadie Ray sits in as an “honorary Kousin” for Bruce Kulick KISS Kruise X

Crazy Nights (Redux)

Anniversaries abound this week. Kousins Marvin and Gary take us for a walk down memory lane. They reminisce about their first concert from January 18, 1988; Kiss on the Crazy Nights tour in Huntington, WV. To relive the experience we listen to 1987’s Crazy Nights. Is Crazy Nights on your fave list or do you just Crazy Nights (Redux)

KISS (Redux)

This week Kousin Tim led us through a retrospective listening party for the 1974 self-titled release. 🤘🏼With such a masterpiece, could you remove a song if you had to? What about two songs? The Kousins dive into these questions and more. Want to get in on the Konversation? Let us know by calling the TLDNetwork KISS (Redux)

Trouble Walkin’

The Kousins talk about the third post-KISS Ace Frehley album, Trouble Walkin’. It’s a straight-forward rock and roll record, with a lot of strong songs? Kousin Gary brings back some Mr. Speed Trivia and Kousin Tim and Kousin Marvin go head-to-head. Did you like “Trouble Walkin’”? Let us know by calling the TLDNetwork (KUZZ Army) Trouble Walkin’