Month: November 2021

Top Peter Criss Songs

The Kousins talk about their top Peter Criss songs. This was a Kousin Gary assignment. These songs could be while in KISS or solo stuff after KISS. All three Kousins took a different approach to get to their lists. What does your list of favorite Peter Criss songs look like? Let us know by calling

Kousin Marvin’s KISS Albums Ranking

The Kousins talk about Kousin Marvin’s KISS ranking, from #32 to #1. He tells us the previous version of his list and the 2021 version and how much an album rises or falls, if at all. Let’s just say that Kousins Tim and Gary were shocked, hurt, in awe but this wasn’t as weird as

Top 10 KISS Guitar Solos

The Kousins talk about their individual top 10 of KISS guitar solos. Kousin Tim’s assignment, the solos could be from any KISS release including solo albums and live albums. Honorary Kousins, Nick P and Roadie Ray, each call in to talk about their favorites. Do you have a favorite KISS solo? What do your top