Month: August 2021

Top 3 Gene Simmons Video Roles

The Kousins talk about each of their top 3 Gene Simmons roles, whether that is film or television. Each has his own take. What would be your top 3 Gene film or television roles? Let us know by calling the TLDNetwork (KUZZ Army) hotline and leave a message for the Kousins at 336-422-NUMB (6862). This Top 3 Gene Simmons Video Roles


The Kousins talk about the 2004 Gene Simmons solo record, Asshole. We go track-by-track to listen to what Gene and his cohorts put together. Two of the three Kousins didn’t mind it at all. One was non-plussed. Which? What did you think of the album? Do you own it or would you own it? Is Asshole