Month: July 2021


The Kousins talk about the debut album from W.A.S.P. Kousin Tim had never heard the album and knew very little about the band outside of the hits. Roadie Ray joins the Kousins as this is one of his favorite bands (other than KISS) and saw them open for KISS on the Animalize tour. We know W.A.S.P.

KISS My A$$ Again

The Kousins talk about their fantasy song and artist list for a make-believe KISS MY ASS II tribute album. 10-17 songs with artists you’d like to hear doing them. There are some interesting choices with two Kousins hitting at least one song/band the same. What would be your fantasy artist/song list for such a thing? KISS My A$$ Again

Frehley’s Comet

The Kousins talk about the first solo album, post-KISS, from Ace Frehley, titled Frehley’s Comet. We go through the songs, one-by-one, critique what we do or don’t like, how it felt to hear Ace again, and so on. Were you a “rock soldier” for this album or did you want to “breakout?” Let us know Frehley’s Comet

A & E’s Biography: KISSTORY

The Kousins talk about the Biography: KISSTORY on A & E. They discuss what they liked, what they would have liked, things they knew things they learned, and the overall treatment of former band members. Have you seen it? What did you think? Let us know by calling the TLDNetwork (KUZZ Army) hotline and leave A & E’s Biography: KISSTORY

Fantasy ‘Off the Soundboard’

The Kousins talk about each of their “Fantasy ‘Off the Soundboard’” concerts. In honor of the Tokyo 2001 show released last month, the Kousins talk about 10 (or more) live concerts that they’d like to hear from the soundboard and not necessarily spruced up in “post-production.” It’s a wide variety of concerts they speak of. Fantasy ‘Off the Soundboard’