Month: March 2021

The Fantasy Setlist

The Kousins talk about each of their Fantasy KISS Setlists. The challenge was laid down by Eugene B. Sims from the Wheeler’s Dog Podcast. Roadie Ray joins the Kousins as they all give their lists. Listeners send in their lists as well. What is your fantasy setlist from KISS? 20 songs plus a 3-song encore The Fantasy Setlist

Splashes, Trashes & S#!+$

The Kousins talk about each of their WORST 10 KISS songs. Roadie Ray gives his bottom 10, as well. Surprisingly- or not – the lists only had a few overlaps and only one “goocher” (to quote Vern Tessio). What are your bottom 10 KISS songs? Let us know by calling the TLDNetwork (KUZZ Army) hotline Splashes, Trashes & S#!+$


The Kousins talk about the thirteenth KISS album and the one that gave us our name, “Asylum.” A much-maligned and oft dismissed album due to its glammy and glitzy album cover, colorful videos, and the fact that it was from 1985, the album is better than it’s usually given credit for. One of the Kousins Asylum

KISS (1974)

The Kousins talk about the one that started it all. The self-titled debut, “KISS.” Eight of its seven songs were represented on “Alive!” Several are still concert staples. So much passion. So much hunger. The album kicks ass and doesn’t even bother to take names. Is it a “Strutter?” A “Black Diamond” in the rough? KISS (1974)