Month: January 2021


The Kousins talk about the KISS’s sixteenth studio album, Revenge. It was produced by Bob Ezrin, who at this point wasn’t coked out. KISS was righting the ship that had veered a bit, especially after the loss of their backbone, Eric Carr. It was heavy, a precursor of the album that would follow. It’s “Unholy.”

Carnival Of Souls

The Kousins talk about the KISS’s much-maligned, possibly conciliatory seventeenth studio album, “Carnival Of Souls.” One of us really loved it and the other two totally agreed with him. The album is totally misunderstood and had it not been for a sneaky leak, it may never have seen the light of day. It’s hard, very


The Kousins talk about the KISS’s eighth studio album, “Unmasked.” This was the last to SHOW Peter Criss on the cover, although, he played nary a drum lick on the album. It’s poppy, it’s polarizing. The Kousins go song-by-song. Do we love it? Do we hate it? If you’ve not listened to the podcast, or

Double Platinum, Killers, Smashes Thrashes & Hits

The Kousins talk about the KISS’s three-biggest “greatest hits” albums, “Double Platinum,” “KISS KIllers,” and “Smashes Thrashes and Hits.” They also discuss the New Year’s Eve show from Dubai on PPV. A call from Roadie Ray. The greatest hits records featured some rerecordings, remixes, and a few new songs. A song-by-song dive into the songs