Month: October 2020


The Kousins talk about sixteen albums, six singles, “KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park” and other film and television appearances, home videos, the Gene Simmons-Shannon Tweed wedding anniversary, and a whole lot more that happened in October. A call from Roadie Ray and a record giveaway. What was your favorite KISStober moment or item? KISStober

Dressed to Kill

The Kousins talk about the third studio albums from KISS, “Dressed to Kill.” Kousin Tim ranks it pretty low on his overall KISS list, the Kousins debate it. A call from Roadie Ray. The Kousins discuss the album track by track, the state of the band at the time, the sound quality, what they like, Dressed to Kill

Sonic Boom & Monster

The Kousins talk about the nineteenth and twentieth studio albums from KISS, “Sonic Boom” and “Monster.” And it’s another long one. We talk about the songs, where they fall in our lists, how we feel, break down the instruments and geek out a little. We also pay tribute to a Rock God that we lost Sonic Boom & Monster

Preliminary Ranking

  Rank Kousin Tim Kousin Gary Kousin Marvin 1 Music From The Elder Destroyer Kiss 2 Love Gun Carnival of Souls Music From The Elder 3 Kiss Revenge Hotter Than Hell 4 Hotter Than Hell Love Gun Destroyer 5 Rock & Roll Over Creatures of the Night Alive II 6 Alive II Alive II Rock Preliminary Ranking