Month: September 2020

Love Gun

The Kousins talk about the sixth studio album from KISS, “Love Gun.” And it’s a long one. We talk about the songs, where they fall in our lists, how we feel, break down the instruments, and geek out a little. We’re just “Hooligans” and some will say we’re “Almost Human.” Call the TLDNetwork hotline and Love Gun


The Kousins talk about the 10 KISS albums, two post-KISS albums, five singles, Symphony DVD, three television and film appearances, and true unmasking of the band that happened in September, or as we call it KISStember. Of those things, what was your favorite? Also, the Kousins are giving away a copy of “Alive!” on vinyl. KISStember

Hot In The Shade

In this episode, The Kousins talk about KISS’s fifteenth album, “Hot In The Shade.” They had been out a week for vacation but are back and talking about what some may call a great album, some may call a throwaway, some may just say ‘meh.’ “HITS” has the first original lead vocal from Eric Carr, Hot In The Shade